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tied by siestafred
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Hook: #4-2 Mustad 34011 Stainless
Thread: Flat waxed nylon
Eyes: Small or Medium dumbell
Tail: 2 Lengths of Estaz Metallique, furled (this one is one Chartreuse piece and one Olive piece)
Body: Both materials palmered together up the shank.
Weedguard: Mono loop (acts as anti-fouling also)
Tying Instructions: If you're not familiar with furling, Google it for more info. But basically you tie on the eyes first, then attach the mono for the weedguard behind. I melt a bump onto the end to prevent it from pulling out. Then tie in two lengths of Estaz at the bend. Allow
2 1/2 times the desired tail length. Hold the end fairly tight in your left hand, or clamp it in a clamp or something like hackle pliers.
Twist the lengths together 75-100 times (more or less to get the right amount of furling), pinch the middle point and pull the bundle over the tie in point at the bend and let go to allow it to furl on itself. Bind it down and snip off any extra.
Then tie in two more lengths and wind them up to behind the eye. Tie off and trim. Bring the mono around to make a loop and tie in in front of the eyes.
The furling is not difficult once you try it a couple of times to get the lengths and twists right.

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