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Cooper Bug

tied by cornmuse
Fly Type: Dry,
Target Species: Panfish,
Recommended Region: Central US,
Imitation: Ants/Beetles,
Material List:
Hook: Any down eye dry fly hook - here I use a Mustad 94840

Tail: Deer body hair

Body: dubbing, chennille or floss

Head: deer body hair

Shellback: continuation of tail
Tying Instructions: Wrap an undercoat of 8/0 thread. If you're tying on size 10 or larger (this pattern is great up to size 6) you may want to add a piece of foam to bulk out the body and help with floatation. Stack a pencil's worth of deer hair. Tie in a tail about one shank in length, use a pinch wrap and ten medium tight turns to keep the hair from flairing and spinning. Dub a body, pull the tail hair over for a back. Tie down in front with similar wraps to what is used in the tail. Tie off the thread under the deer hair to help tip the hair up. Trim the deer hair head to a small ball
Presentation Tips: Awesome imitation of a ant, beetle or emerger. Excellent in larger sizes when tied in white and cream and an injured fry imitation. An old, but classic and still mighty effective pattern.

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