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The Easy Floss Chironimid

tied by navigator36
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Central Canada,
Material List:
Hook- Size 14-18 emerger/scud style.
Thread- 8/0 black or brown thread
Rib/Tail/Gill- One strand of cream, white or silver
Head- Small black or nickel bead of appropriate size

Tying Instructions: After the bead is put on, tie on the narrow strand of floss at the tail.
Make several wraps and wrap the long section of the same floss back along with the tail. Keep the two lengths separate.
Wrap the thread forward past the two unequal sections of floss, up the body to the base of the bead.
Wrap back and forward again to the head.
Take the longer narrow section of floss(spun tighter),
and wrap it as ribbing to the base of the bead.
Wrap the thread behind the floss twice so the floss sticks up behind the bead.
Trim the floss shorter for easier working.
Wrap the thread behind the floss forming a black collar and securing the floss at the base of the bead.
Tie off and cement the collar.
I cement the body to make the floss ribbing durable but that is optional.
Presentation Tips: I fish this one deep on trout lakes with good success using slow retrieves as you would any other similar pattern.
I felt I was having less success in using bead head
chironimids without the white gill/antennae at the front.
It might look odd having the white midge gill coming up behind the bead head instead of in front.
Believe me, after testing it out on the water, the trout don't seem to care.

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