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Green Goblin, Soft

tied by Soft-hackle
Fly Type: Wet,
Material List:
Green Goblin Soft

Hook: Grip 14723BL #12
Thread: Olive Uni 8/0
Hackle:Ginger colored Indian Hen back
Abdomen: Green Botticelli sewing silk, size A, doubled and twisted.
Rid; Same as abdomen
Thorax: Three peacock herls, twisted and wrapped.
Tying Instructions: Cast thread onto hook and tie on the hackle (which has been cleaned and stripped off slightly higher on the right side) so the tip points out over the eye. Trim excess. Wrap the thread down the shank to make room for the thorax. Tie on the folded silk sewing thread by the tips. Twist it and wrap down the shank creating the abdomen. Rib the fly with the same twisted thread in open turns, back. Tie off and trim., Select three nice herls, clipping off the tips slightly. Tie the clipped tips to where the thorax begins. Carefully twist the herls and wrap to form the thorax. Tie off and trim. Wrap hackle, two turns, tie off and trim. Sweep the hackles back and hold them in position using your non-tying hand's thumb and forefinger and slightly overwrap these with tying thread to keep them in position. Whip finish and add cement.

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