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The Inferno Fly

tied by navigator36
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Recommended Region: Central Canada,
Material List:
Hook- Size8 to size2 streamer hook
Wing- clipped dyed rabbit fur ( black/orange on yellow)
Body- Red floss or thread
Thread- Size 3/0 red uni thread
Head- Gold cone head
Ribbing- Gold wire
Tying Instructions: Slip cone on fly to the front.
Tie on the section of dyed rabbit hair for the tail.
Tie on the red floss or build up the body with red thread all the way up to the base of the cone.
Add gold ribbing wire up to the front and tie off.
Tie on the front section of rabbit fur with a blunt tie,
tie off then cement.
Slip the cone back over the front section of fur.
Wrap new section of thread at the hook eye and back to the cone to lock it in place and cement.
That's it. Pretty easy tie.

Presentation Tips: This fly works well for pike, and bass.
However, I specifically tied it for walleye and goldeye
in large rivers. They seem to really like this color
and the fly has enough weight to get down with a sinking line.

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