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Baltic Partridge

tied by Hnat
Fly Type: Miscellaneous,
Imitation: Shrimp/Prawns,
Material List:
Hook: AK wet #8 (the regular buggers) and TMC streamer #4 (the fluffy thing attached on the left :)
Tail and hackle: hungarian partridge rump feathers (+ some pearl flash in tail)
Body: natural winter hare fur mixture, blended to match the feathers, ribbed with something (propably thin brass wire).
Note: the fluffy/speyiy thing on the left is tied with ONE larger partridge rump feather (i.e. it forms all the flyparts: the tail, the hackle and the 'body').
Tying Instructions: I've tied them to try the partridge rumps as the main material, that determines the overall fly look/features. I think the flies are doing well. I was thinking about fishing in the Baltic Sea during that thinking/tying process, so they are kind of 'shrimps' or 'sea worms' (and that's where the name of the fly comes from)... The Baltic Sea is more 'brakish' than 'saltwater' so I often use regular wet/streamer hooks, they're not corroding so easily.

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