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Dual Pike Matuka

tied by navigator36
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Pike,
Recommended Region: Central Canada,
Material List:
Hook- Long shank streamer hook, size 4 to 2/0
Thread- Strong 3/0 or kevlar color of your choice
Body- Green and orange wool intertwined
Rib- Strong hot orange wire
Wing- Two 1/8 inch wide strips of dye barred rabbit fur

Tying Instructions: This is quite a difficult tie, at least for me.
Tie this one the same way you would tie a
matuka style rabbit strip fly.

The only difference is the second rabbit strip underneath.
Before doing anything, carefully impale the hook
through the middle of the strip, and keep it out of the way. Then put the hook in the vise. Doing this will allow the bottom rabbit strip to be
tied on properly at the rear along with the top strip.

Tip: Fuzzy, static ridden rabbit strips are awkward to work with for this. I have a cup of water there to
keep the rabbit fur damp with my fingers as it's easier to work with that way.

1. Tie on the wire rib and intertwined wool.
2. At the rear of the hook, tie the top strip of rabbit fur down with about three tight wraps or so.
3. Bring the bottom strip of fur up and tie it on at the rear along the same wrapping as the top strip.
4. Bring both strips back and out of the way.
5. Wrap the wool body forward to the hook eye and tie off.
6. Bring the two forward sections of rabbit strip
to the hook eye and tie off.
7. Now the difficult part.
The wire ribbing is all that is left to do.
Bring the ribbing around and between the hairs on the top strip, holding the wire down tight about a quarter inch in.
8. Bring the wire underneath and between the hairs
on the lower rabbit strip about a quarter inch along.
9. Repeat until you reach the hook eye.
10. Tie off wire at the hook eye.
11. Using a dubbing needle, even out trapped hairs
along the wire ribbing by pulling them out.
Cement at the hook eye and you're done.
Presentation Tips: I tie this pattern specifically for trolling from a float tube or small boat.
The double tail action is awesome in the water and the pike love it
I have cast a larger 3/0 version of this with a 10
weight but the twin rabbit strips in a larger size collect too much water. This makes casting it all day awkward.
In a smaller pattern it would be fine for casting.
I simply lob this fly or cast it out dry the first time and
troll it slowly while jerking the line to make the tails dance.
I've had pike hold onto this fly like a piece of bait
and swim away with it.

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