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'Brassie' Emerger

tied by dwiltshire
Fly Type: Dry,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: General Europe,
Imitation: Mayflies,
Material List:
Hook: Partridge 15BN #20 - #14
Thread: Benecchi 12/0, yellow
Body: 3lb monofilament, over thread
Thorax: Fox Squirrel & Rabbit
Post: TMC Aero-wing, white
Hackle: Medium blue dun

Tying Instructions: The mono is tied as a replacement for the wire as used in Brassie nymphs.

Trapped down the body's length with the thread, it is then wound back up in touching tunrs. Then the mono is trapped and a thorax is started - over which open wraps of mono are made to form a rib.

Then thorax and paracute around a post as usual.
Presentation Tips: As you would any emerger. Playing with material here ;)

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