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Trapped Raffine-Caddis

tied by dwiltshire
Fly Type: Dry,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: General Europe,
Imitation: Caddis Flies,
Material List:
Hook: B100 #14
Thread: Moser Powersilk 10/0, Orange
Hotspot: Fluo green floss
Hackle: Rooster, Badger
Abdomen: Wapsi Superfine, blended olive
Thorax: Hare, dyed yellow
Wing: Raffine
Tying Instructions: Clip the hackle tips underneath - the stubs should represent legs.

Floatant on the remaining hackle and a little on the wing should be fine.
Presentation Tips: Dry, upstream and dead-drift. If it sinks, fish it wet and watch the leader. If you can, skate it across the surface and hang on ;)

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