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tpoly woolly bugger

tied by horseshoe
Fly Type: Wet,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Eastern Canada,
Material List:
Hook: ROYD size 8 bronze lure 2xl
Thread: UNI 6/0 w black
Tail:Marabou red, H2O twist
Body: Polyester yarn tan, rooster hackle red/black
Head: bead copper 3/16
Tying Instructions: Place bead on hook and be aware of which direction the holes are facing. You want to put the hook through the small hole so the bigger hole is facing the fly body.

1)Wrap thread down hook close to bend.
2)Tie on marabou (1 1/2 length of hook), snip off excess.
3)Tie in h2o twist on both sides of tail (3 strips) trim to different lengths.
4)Put a little head cement on the marabou ends and tie up ends (tidy up)and bring thread back to thread edge at marabou. You will find that the cement condenses the marabou and gives you a more secure tie down.
5)Tie in tip of hackle, (use twice the width normally recommended) set up in holder out of way
6)Tie in yarn
7)Wrap yarn up the shank to bead and tie down.
Snip off yarn end. Give it a few extra wraps. Depending on the style of bead being used I find if I give a extra wrap of yarn then push it in the bead or cone head after tying it down, it will stabilize the bead.
8)Wrap up hackle to bead and also tie down and snip off end of hackle.
9)Whip finish and apply head cement to whipped thread. Try to get the cement in the bead head if possible. Depends on the style of bead being used.

Presentation Tips: same as standard wooly buggers

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