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Bull's Eye Hopper

tied by WetMaster
Fly Type: Terrestrials & Midges,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Northwest US,
Imitation: Hoppers/Crickets,
Material List:
Hook: 10-14 dry
Thread: Yellow
Shell-back: green foam strip
Under-body: yellow or cream dubbing
Over-wing: natural deer hair tips (I mostly use elk, it seems to have a darker color than deer)
Head: green foam
Legs: yellow or orange rubber legs

Tying Instructions: 1. Start your thread and tie on the foam in the middle of the shank.

2. tie down the foam all the way to the end of the shank

3. dub the body to the 2/3 way on the shank

4. Pull the foam strip over to the end of the dubbed body and secure it, but don't clip it

5. Tie in the over-wing, the deer hair tips should reach the about the end of the shank

6. tie down the foam up to the eye

7. Pull the foam strip down just in front of the over-wing and secure

8. tie in rubber legs

9. clip the exsess foam

10. whip-finish and laquer

Presentation Tips: fish this puppy like a dry terrestrial, cuz thats what it is

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