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Ant misbehavin

tied by fhani
Fly Type: Terrestrials & Midges,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Southeast US,
Imitation: Ants/Beetles,
Material List:
hook size 18
Thread 6/0 flat waxed white
mono 40lb, 17lb, 8lb , 4lb
prisma markers black , dark umber

Tying Instructions: tie on thread and add small section of 40lb mono on top of hook for abdomen.To this add two 17lb to each side and cover with thread to shape the the underside tie in the two back legs using 8lb mono. Move forward and tie on the middle legs and then move up to where the head should start and tie in the front legs also with 8lb mono.Tie in two short slightly curved pieces of 17lb mono for the jaws one on each side of the hook eye . build the head about 3/4 thickness and add two pieces of 4lb mono to the top of the head for antenae. Now bend legs and antenea with a warm bodkin to their final shape and trim the excess. color with prisma markers

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