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Tungsten Bead Scruffy (Jim's Variant Version)

tied by Jimmy Aw
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: New Zealand,
Imitation: Mayflies,
Material List:
Materials Used
Hook : Size 16 - Gamakatsu C12 / Mustad C67S (You can varies the size of the hook for a bigger size.)
Collar : Spin a collar from Squirrel Tail.
Thread : Danville Monofilament - Ultra Fine or brown 6/0.
Head : Tungsten Bead Head - Black
Body inner : Wrapped with a coil of lead wire.
Body : Squirrel Blend with a wisp of Maroon Seal fur.
Body Overlay : 2 strand of copper wire for wrapping around dubbing.
Tying Instructions: Tying Instructions
1) Tie approximately ¾ length thread bedding on the hook shank starting with the hook eye. Also include as many rounds of lead wire around the hook shank, secure the lead wire coils.
2) Tie in the Olive Squirrel tail.
3) Tie in the 2 strand of Copper wire
4) Dub a body of the Squirrel Blend with a small wisp of Seal fur mixed (The seal fur will "bug" up the body of the Nymph)
5) After the dubbing is tied in, wrap the body over the dubbed body.
6. Spin in another collar of Squirrel tail & whip finish.
Presentation Tips: Presentation Tips
I had use the nymph tied behind a Dryfly or Hopper.

At times ... the rig goes ==> Hopper/Terrestrial---Scruffy---Scruffy(2nd)

As for the length of tippet for spacing out the nymphs, depends on the depth of the stream that u are fishing. Varies & adapt accordingly.

Drift the rig across the prospective Trout & usually the signal to strike is when the dry fly / Terrestrial sinks with the take.

You can view my trip report at the below mentioned link :-

Best Regards ~ Jim.

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