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DeerHair traditional style

tied by JSzymczyk
Fly Type: Deer Hair,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Recommended Region: Other,
Material List:
Hook: Mustad C52S BLN
Thread: 3/0 Monocord, 200 GSP, 6/0 Monocord
Weedguard: 25lb Mason mono
Tail: olive marabou tied short, with 3 matched pairs of wide saddle hackles tied curving out
Skirt: very wide, webby saddle hackle wound to cover thread wraps of tail- about 7 to 10 turns
Head: stacked deer hair
eyes: 3D hologram eyes
cement: Zap-A-Gap, thin flexament, goop

Tying Instructions: Tied in the traditional Whitlock and Helm style.

Weedguard and tail materials tied in with Chartreuse 3/0, head stacked with 200 GSP, weedguard secured at front and head finished off with 6/0.

Zap-A-Gap used to secure tail materials, flexament applied to belly of fly after trimming to soak in and bond thread and hair to the hook shank. Goop used to secure eyes to the deer hair head. If this is all done well, the fly is amazingly durable.

Rough trim with scissors, fine shape with a new double edge razor blade. Razor off a flat spot on each side for gluing on the eyes.

Brassie-type hair packer and GSP thread are indispensable for deer-hair work.

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