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Catopla Worm

tied by fhani
Target Species: Panfish,
Recommended Region: Southeast US,
Imitation: Worms,
Material List:
#8 Daiichi 1180
thread : white 6/0
chartruse vernile
4 strands black embroidery floss
2 ostrich herl white
lead wire .025
goose biot
Tying Instructions: after tying on ,tie in goose biot then secure several wraps of lead for weight.
Tie in one ostrich herl at the bend of the hook for each side.Seperate embroidery floss to two strands and tie in one pair for each side. Now tie in the vernile. Wrap the thread forward to about 2mm from the hook eye. wrap the vernile forward to this point and tie off and clip the excess.Pull the floss forward to make two latteral lines across the upper side of the vernile.Wrap your thread back to the bend of the hook staying between the wraps of vernile. Pull the ostrich forwar along each side and wrap forward with your thread again staying in the creases. Trim and finish head with marker and head cement.

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