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coffin fly

tied by flyfshn76
Fly Type: Spinners,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Mayflies,
Material List:
white 2mm foam,bleached coastal deer hair, 5-7 moose mane hairs, white uni 8/0
Tying Instructions: First you will want to start with a thin sewing needle.
Place the foam on the needle, make three wraps around the foam on the needle to start the first tail segment. Once that is done place the moose mane on the foam and wrap it in. You will want to tie in the hairs with the segments. Trim off the butt ends and coat with varnish. Whip finish the the last segment. Make sure not to cut the tag end as that is one of the ways to attach the extended body to the hook. Slowly pull the body off of the needle. After it is taken off of the needle the body should curl upwards with the tail laying flat. Then take your hook and coat the first part of the hook by the eye with a layer of thread. Take and cut and stack a clump of coastal deer hair and tie it one the hook as if you are tying a comparadun. Tie in the extended body behind the hair. Making the last segment. Then with some superfine black dubbbing and wrap around the base of the hair. Take the long end of the foam and tag end of the thread, divide the hair into 2 equal portions, and fold the foam over seperating the hair in the middle. tie off the head and whip finish. Use a dubbing brush or bodkin and rough up the black dubbing and you are finished.
Presentation Tips: fish just as you would a regular dry fly. you can skate on the water a little bit if you want to imitate a natural.

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