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Olive Czech

tied by rejart
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Trout,
Material List:
Hook: scud hook sz. 12
Thread: 6/0 brown
Weight: lead wire underbody
Body: poly dubbing
Legs: clipped chartreuse deer hair
Shellback: strip from plastic bag
Rib: mono

Tying Instructions: Tie in thread near hook eye. Wrap hook with lead wire creating a tapered body, secure with thread wraps, and seal with superglue to prevent the lead from spinning. Wrap thread past the bend and tie in a 1" x 1/4" wide strip of plastic for the shellback, with the strip facing away from the eye. Tie in ribbing material. Make a dubbing loop and dub with the blended poly dubbing. I used some olive with a bit of red and blue mixed in for color. Heavily dub the body to within 1/8" of the eye. Create another dubbing loop and twist in some short pieces of deer hair. This will be wrapped around giving a hackle like effect. Pull the shell material forward and secure with a few thread wraps near the eye. Wrap the ribbing forward and tie off. Create a head and whip finish, sealing with cement. The legs can be trimmed to length and the dubbing brushed or picked out to create a buggy looking appearance.

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