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Bunny Split

tied by Dble Haul
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Pike,
Recommended Region: not available Northeast US, Alaska, Western Canada, Eastern Canada, Central Canada,
Material List:
Here's a pattern that I messed around with the past few seasons and have had some success with, particularly on bigger fish. The freely swinging twin tails seem to drive them nuts.

Bunny Split
Hook: Dai-Riki #810 or equivalent, 3/0
Thread: 3/0
Tail guard: Wire loop
Lower tail: Magnum zonker strip
Tail flash: Krystal flash
Upper tail: Magnum zonker strip
Collar: Three layers of marabou
Eyes: Doll eyes
Head: 5 minute epoxy

Tying Instructions: Materials are tied in the order listed. I use 24 gauge galvanized wire for the tail guard.
Presentation Tips: Chartruese and yellow (pictured here) performed best, with the usual red/white and red/yellow doing well also. This fly needs a heavier rod to cast (marabou and magnum zonker = sponge), but its potential payoff is worth the effort to me.

As usual, a steady cadence is the best retrieve. The rabbit tails will do all the work in the water.

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