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Wayne's Sowbug

tied by wayne SW/MO
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Central US,
Material List:
Hook Tiemco 2457 #14-18
Lead .025 or equivalent
Thread Grey 6/0 Uni
legs Grey Ostrich or the aftershaft from a Grey Partridge.
Back Grey Swiss Straw

Tying Instructions: Attach lead along hook shank, as shown in photo. Once the lead is covered with thread, leaving a 3" tag and secure, use pliers to adjust shape of lead and coat with clear nail polish.
Wrap Ostrich or if using Partrige, I put a small amount of polish down the center of the back. Lay trimmed feather on the back of the lead.
Trim Ostrich flat on the back.
Pull Straw over back and secure.
Wrap thread tag as a rib.
Coat head and straw with cement, being careful to avoid the feather fibers.
Presentation Tips: Fish in the gravel. I always let Sowbugs, Midge larvae and Scuds to swing at the end of the drift. Be prepared for hard strikes on occasion.

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