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Ostrich Bugger Fly

tied by navigator36
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Central Canada,
Material List:
Streamer hook 3-4x long shank /size 4-10
Black 3/0 thread
Body- 5 long strands of grey or brown ostrich herl.
Rib- fine gold wire
Hackle- one softer brown or grey saddle
Tying Instructions: Tie this as you would a regular wooly bugger with the exception of the hackle which is tied in at the middle
of the hook shank or 2/3s up.
The gold wire in the end is used to secure the soft, delicate ostrich herl and hackle.
In the end, wrap the wire all the way to the eye,
right through the hackle.
Don't worry about the wire messing up the hackle as it only tends to palmer the hackle back slightly anyways.

Note: I use the ostrich herl because it has a softer, more flowing look in the water as opposed to chenille.
The hackle is tied in at the middle or further up because it leaves the rear half of the ostrich herl showing which has a great appearance in the water.
I believe this represents the abdomen of an insect
such as a dragonfly to the fish.
Presentation Tips: I set this fly up as a trout fly for which it works well.
However, try it for bass as well.

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