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Claret Flymph

tied by Soft-hackle
Fly Type: Wet,
Material List:
Hook: Grip 1472BL #12
Thread: Brown Uni-Thread
Hackle: Dark brown Speckled Hen
Ribbing and tag: Fine copper wire-counter-wrapped
Body: Claret/Maroon colored rabbit, dubbed Leisenring style on Red Uni-Thread
Tying Instructions: After stripping the fluff off the bottom of the hackle-stripping the right side slightly higher up than the left, tie the hackle stem, higher side down, to the hook shank so the the hackle points out, over the eye.

Wrap the thread down the shank toward the bend. Tie on the the ribbing wire.

The Dubbing brush is made, Leisenring fashion, using the claret rabbit. This is also tied on near the bend. Wrap the tying thread back toward the eye, leaving room for the Thorax. Wrap over the wire and thread from the brush. trim off excesses.

Wrap the abdomen and counter-rib with wire. Trim excesses.

Wrap hackle-two turns- tie off and trim excess. Form head and whip finish.
Presentation Tips: Up stream or down at various depths. Can be swung in the current or used with the Leisenring lift.

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