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Giant Woolly Bully

tied by christhemartin
Fly Type: Streamers,
Target Species: Pike,
Recommended Region: Eastern Canada,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Gamakatsu SC15-2H 4/0
Tail Support: Steve Farrar Flash Blend or Bucktail
Tail: Icelandic Sheep's Hair
Tail Flash Flashaboo
Sides: 3 - 5 Matched Saddle Hackles per side
Wing: Icelandic Sheep's Hair
Wing Flash: Flashaboo
Belly: Icelandic Sheep's Hair
Collar: Maraboo
Gills: EP Silky Fibers
Head: Rams Wool or Sculpin Wool
Tying Instructions: Less is not more in this case... more is more! This pattern was featured in Hatches. This version is a juiced up steroid version for monster Pike and Muskie.
Presentation Tips: Chuck and duck!

I throw it on a sink tip

Strip, strip pause... strip strip smash!

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