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Adams Bugger

tied by Pocono
Fly Type: General Freshwater,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Leeches,
Material List:
Hook: Daiichi 2220, 4xL, #10
Thread: Uni 6/0, gray
Head: Tungstun bead, 2.3mm, black
Body: Untra Chenile, micro, dark gray
Hackle: 2 hen hackles; grizzly and grizzly dyed brown; palmered separately
Tail: Marabou, golden brown (blood quill)

Tying Instructions: Place tungstun bead on de-barbed hook
Thread base the hook
Tie in a single tuft of golden brown marabou; 1x length of hook
Tie in grizzly hackle at bend
Tie in grizzly dyed brown hackle at bend
Tie in ultra chenile behind eye and thread back to bend
Wind chenile up to eye, tie off
Palmer grizzly dyed brown hackle up to eye, tie off
Palmer grizzly hackle up to eye, tie off
Form head / whip finish / apply SHHAN

Presentation Tips: Generally, sinking-tip line (150-250 gr); reteived at desired depth with a deliberate varied stripping action.

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