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Peppermint Schnapps

tied by rp3flyfisher
Fly Type: Salmon Flies,
Target Species: Pacific Salmon,
Recommended Region: Western Canada,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Hook- Size 4-6 Tiemco
Body- Flashabou Mirage Sheets (Opal)
Ribbing- Red Wire (Medium)
Wing- Chartreuse DNA
Eyes- Silver Dumbbells (Size depends on hook Size)

Tying Instructions: Start your thread, tie in your Dumbbell eyes about 1/4" from the eye of the hook. Tie in the wire from the backside of the dumbbell eyes to the bend of the hook. (Keep the wire on the top of the shank) Tie in a 1/4" strip of the Flashabou and wrap it to the dumbbell eyes. Tie off and trim. Wrap the wire forward to the eyes and trim. Bring your thread to the front of the eyes and tie in your DNA. Fold the DNA over the eyes and tie down (Clouser style) Whip finish in front of the eyes and add a few drops of head cement.
Presentation Tips: I use this fly in all kinds of water. If you are fishing it in a slow moving river, don't use the Dumbbell eyes. In faster moving water, I will use larger eyes. Cast the fly slightly upstream, allow it to swing and strip back in 6-8" pulls quite fast.

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