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Rusty Banana

tied by purolohi kalastaja
Target Species: Trout,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
thread: black 8/0
hook: 7x long streamer
body: orange floss
rib :sm pearl tinsel
belly: white bucktail
throat: olive grizzly hackle fibers
underwing: rainbow krystal flash and peacock herl
wing: yellow grizzly hackle and red/brown grizzly hackle stripped to 3/8 to 1/2 inch longer than hook shank.
dun hackle stripped for shoulder
grizzly hen hackle tip for cheek

Tying Instructions: 1) Prepare the wings as follows: place the yellow grizzly hackle on a flat surface and place a drop of Flex-a-ment or similar product at the point where the hackle is stripped.
2) Place the red/brown grizzly hackle on top of the yellow.
3) Place another drop of Flex-a-ment or similar product on top of the same point on the red/brown grizzly hackle.
4) Place the dun hackle shoulder on top of the red/brown grizzly hackle.
5) There should be enough Flex-a-ment bleeding through to just place the grizzly hen hackle tip cheek on top of the other hackles.
6-10) Repeat for the other wing.
11) Set this aside to dry while tying the body, belly, and underwing as follows.
12) Wind on the thread from an eye's width back from the eye to the barb.
13) Tie in the rib and floss.
14) Run the thread forward to an eye's width behind eye.
15) Wrap the floss forward, making a smooth body. 16) Wrap the rib forward in 5 equally spaced turns.
17) Tie in the bucktail under the shank.
18) Tie in the throat under the shank on top of the bucktail.
19) Tie in the krystal flash on top of the hook, and divide equally. Slide half to each side of the hook and tie down.
20) Tie in the peacock herl on top of the krystal flash.
21) Tie in the wings parallel to the hook shank so they are touching back to back and even.
22) Whip finish and cover the thread with black laquer/nail polish.

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