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tied by kingfisher26
Fly Type: Salmon Flies,
Target Species: Steelhead,
Material List:
#2 salmon fly hook, floss, artic fox for wing, mallerd flank, tinsel, hackel saddle, ice dubing #8 black unie thread, golden phesent, peacock heral
Tying Instructions: 1 tie in tinsel
2 wrap tinsel toward the hook eye three or four turns and tie off
3 tie in floss and wrap towared the hook bend then back toward the eye and tie off
4 tie in goldin phesant to make the tail
5 tie in peacock make three turns toward the hook eye making the butt
6 tie in oval tinsel and wrap thread up towards the hook eye and tie in your floss wrap floss back towards the hook bend buting it to the pecock and then half way back forward to the hook eye
7 now tie in your hackle
8 now useing ice dubing dub up a quater inch from the hook eye
9 now holding the hackle out the way wrap oval tinsel 5 times eavinly spaced up to the end of the dubing
10 now wrap hackel keeping to the line u made withe tinsel when u get to the end make 2 or 3 turns macking a caller
11 now tie in artic fox to the bend of the hook
12 now tie in your mallerd flank
13 make a good head tie off add head cement

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