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Hares Leech

tied by Wellman
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Central Canada,
Imitation: Leeches,
Material List:
Hook - Mustad R74, Daichi 2220, Mustad 9672, Mustad R72

Body - Home blend rabbit dubbing mixed with Hare Ear Ice Dub

Weight - Lead wire

Bead (opp)

Tail Rabbit fibers
Tying Instructions: 1) Put Hook in vise
2) Wrap lead wire up
3) Tie in thread
4) Tail in rabbit fibers
5) Make a dubbing loop
6) Pick rabbit fibers of a Zonker, or a rabbit skin and mix with ice dub
7) Spin the dubbing loop
8) Wrap towards the bead or eye of the hook.
9) Tie off

Get ready!
Presentation Tips: With a sinking line, or tip. In the vegetation always works well for me.

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