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Golden Badger

tied by btrout
Fly Type: Hairwing,
Target Species: Steelhead,
Recommended Region: Western Canada,
Material List:
Bartlett CS10/2 size 2 Hook
Small oval gold tag.
G.P. crest tail
Golden brown ice dubbing or similar.
Pheasant tail hackle.
Small flat and oval gold ribbing.
Gadwell throat.
2 pairs of golden badger hackle wing.
J.C. eyes optional.
Tying Instructions: Several turns of tag.
Tie in tail.
Tie in flat gold tinsel,use tied in in tag.
Tie in dubbing fairly tight.
Tie in hackle one side stripped approx 1/3rd from tag.
Continue dubbing and rib to eye.
Run hackle to eye tightly following rib.
Tie in Gadwell half stipped approx 2 turns tie off.
Tie in 2-pairs of golden badger hackle feathers length to suit.
Tie in 2 J.C. feathers.
Whip finish

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