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BB Intruder

tied by btrout
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Steelhead,
Recommended Region: Western Canada,
Material List:
Waddington shank
#2 Octopus hook
40# Fire line
Black thread 06
Black Ice Dub. UV
Black dyed pheasant flank
Blue diamond braid
Pheasant tail natural
Pheasant tail dyed blue
Silver doctor seal
Black crystal chenille large
Black and light blue crystal flash
Lead eyes.
Tying Instructions: Tie in lead eyes approx 1/4" from front of shank.
Tie in Fireline along shank and thru. rear eye and leave approx 1" for hook.
Coat shank with super glue.
Dub a ball of Ice dubbing at rear of shank.
Tie in hackle and wrap tight to dubbing.
Form a dubbing loop and wrap natural pheasant tail fibers.
Tie in diamond braid wrap forward approx 1/4" from eyes.
Wrap 3 turns of chenille tight against braid folding fibres back as you wrap. ( veiling braid )
Dub another ball of Ice dubbing.
Tie in second hackle and wrap tightly to dubbing.
Form dubbing loop insert blue pheasant tail fibres and wrap forward.
Tie in crystal flash ( I used 2 of each )
Form dubbing loop insert seal andwrap forward over eyes brushing back as you go.
Whip finish.

Presentation Tips: On the swing

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