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tied by bad fish rising
Fly Type: Streamers,
Target Species: General Salmon,
Imitation: Anchovies,
Material List:
1/0 saltwater hook
6/0 grey thread
TAIL/ SIDES cream water silk
THROAT red water silk
WING light & dark grey water mix
HEAD light grey water mix dub
EYES doll eyes
super glue

Tying Instructions: tie the tail long
tie on the sides just past the hook
this helps flesh out the body
tie on the lighter under wing just longer than the tail
tie on the throat keep it inside the hook bend
tie on the dark grey over wing
spin a little light grey water mix around the thread and barely dub over the thread head
this gives the eyes something to be glued to
super glue on the doll eyes
let the super glue dry completely
fill in the gap top and bottom between the eyes with epoxy
Presentation Tips: strip

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