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Bluerple Spey

tied by btrout
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Steelhead,
Recommended Region: Western Canada,
Material List:
Tag medium oval silver
Butt light blue floss
Tail dyed purple G.P. crest
Body purple seal
Rib large blue tinsel
Hackle dyed purple pheasant rump
Throat S.D. blue guinea
Wing S.D. blue duck shoulder
Topping dyed purple G.P. crest
Eyes Jungle cock

Tying Instructions: 3 turns of tag.
5 turns of blue floss
Tie in tail
Tie in ribbing and dub seal up halfway and tie in hackle, continue dubbing towards eye leave approx 3/16"and tie off.
Take approx 5 turns of ribbing and tie off.
Wind hackle close to ribbing and tie off.
Tie in a bunch of guinea hackle and tie off.
Set a pair of duck shoulder sections and tie off.
Tie in jungle cock eyes.
Tie in crest to meet with tail and tie off.
Whip finish and produce a neater head than I did.

Presentation Tips: Sing it.

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