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Hester's Black Stone Nymph

tied by Jim Hester in MD
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Stone Flies,
Material List:
Hook: 2X Long Nymph Hook
Weight: lead wire
Thread: black
Tail: Black Round Rubber or Silicone
Body Rib: Transparent Black Swannandaze
Body: Dubbing Blend
Legs: Black Round Rubber or Silicone
Thorax: Same Dubbing as body, over wrapped with about 2 wraps of black pearl Estaz. Copper wire used to secure the Estaz for durability.
Head: Black thread.
Tying Instructions: The fly is tied in the order that the materials are listed.
1.) Tie in the tail
2.) Tie in the Swannandaze, towards the rear, it will later be wrapped forward. Tie in the copper wire towards the front of the body.
3.) Tie in & dub the body, then wrap the rib forward & tie off.
4.) Tie in the legs & Estaz, and dub the thorax.
5.) Wrap the Estaz & tie off, then counterwrap the copper wire & tie off.
6.) Build up a head & whip finish.
7.) Finish the head with 2 coats of glossy head cement.

The dubbing is a blend of rabbit fur & Australian Opossum fur, about 50% black rabbit, 25% dark brown Aussie Opossum, 25% gray or gray/brown rabbit.(Grizzly or Cottontail rabbit) A little Antron or other sparkle type fiber can also be added if desired. The guard hairs should be left in.

The body rib is wrapped with small gaps between the wraps, and the dubbing picked out some between the rib after the fly is completed. Tie off the body rib before dubbing the thorax.

The Estaz should be sparse, only about 2 wraps. This gives the appearance of air bubbles attached to the nymph. I usually secure the Estaz with a counterwrapped piece of copper wire, about 2-3 wraps is all that's needed. Tie the copper wire along the body, prior to adding the dubbing and allow it to protrude at the point where the body would meet the thorax. The copper wire is only wrapped over the thorax section.

This fly also works well as a Helgrammite when tied on a longer streamer hook.

The original version had a head of wrapped peacock herl which looked nice but was not very durable. The plain thread head version works just as well.

I also tie the same style fly in Amber, Brown, Gray, Olive and Yellow.
Presentation Tips: This fly can be fished dead drifted, or with short twitches. I've had the greatest success with it heavily weighted & fished near the bottom.

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