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Claret fire spey

tied by btrout
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Steelhead,
Recommended Region: Western Canada,
Material List:
Tag flat silver tinsel.
Tail dyed red G.P. crest.
Body claret Berlin wool 2 strands.
Rib small oval silver tinsel.
Hackle claret schlappen.
Throat Gadwell and red guinea.
Wing 4 claret hackles.
Over wing red dyed G.P. crest.
Jungle cock eyes.
Salmon hook # 4

Tying Instructions: 5 turns of tag.
Tie in tail level with bend of hook.
Tie in rib, half stripped prepared hackle and wool.
Wind wool up to 1 eye length from start of hook and tie off.
Wind rib approx 5 turns and tie off.
Wind hackle following rib sweeping back hackle tie off.
Tie in Gadwell half stripped make 2 turns and sweep back tie off.
Take a bunch of red guinea fibers rotate around shank and tie off.
Take 2 pairs of matching claret cock hackles tie in length to match tail.
Tie in crest to just cover wing and tie off.
Whip finish.

Presentation Tips: Swing it.

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