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tied by lightkeeper07
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Southwest US,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Hook, Mustad 3213B #4, with Medium Brass Conehead;
Thread, 6/0 Uni Brown;
Body, Diamond Braid, Pearl dyed Olive, ribbed with Ultra Wire, Medium Gunmetal Blue;
Underbody, Flat Diamond Braid, Orange;
Wing, Pine Squirrel Zonker strip, dyed Flourescent Chartreuse;
Collar, Pine Squirrel Zonker strip, dyed Flourescent Chartreuse

Tying Instructions: Pinch barb and slip conehead onto hook.

Tie in thread base, then tie in zonker strip with hairs pointed toward the hook bend, taking care to separate hairs to keep from binding hairs down with thread, with a tail of desired length extending beyond the bend.

Tie in wire for rib, flat Diamond Braid for underbody, and Diamond Braid. Wrap the Diamond Braid forward and tie off.

Pull the Zonker strip forward and tie off behind the cone head, taking care to separate hairs to keep from binding hairs down with thread.

Wrap the wire forward tightly to hold down the Zonker strip, taking care to separate hairs to keep from binding hairs down with wire, and tie off.
Apply Zap-a-Gap to the orange flat Diamond Braid, and pull forward and tie off... press gently against Diamond Braid of body for about ten seconds to anchor.

Put a drop of Zap-a-Gap behind the conehead.

Immediately wrap the Zonker strip around the hook behind the cone head one to three full turns depending on desired fullness, taking care to brush back hairs at each turn to prevent binding hairs under Zonker strip, then tie off, and immediately push conehead back firmly against the wrapped Zonker strip and hold in place for about ten seconds to seat firmly.

Presentation Tips: Medium fast sinking... faster if tied with tungsten.
Fast long strips, or dead drift in fast current.

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