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Humpy Dumpy #2

tied by FlySlinger
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Southwest US,
Imitation: Ants/Beetles,
Material List:
1. Yearling Elk

2. Moose Body Hair

3. Wapsi Ultra thread 70 Denere

4. Metz Rooster Hackle 1. Brown & Grizzely
Tying Instructions:

Form Deer Hair Wing...Yearling Elk
Place Moose body hair on hook Shank and form Tail
Cover moose Body hair With wapsi Ultra Thread,,,Lay Flat....
Place Yearling Elk over moose body hair tail to form hump
Place wapsi Ultra Thread over Yearling thread to dress Hump...lay Flat
Pull hump material over and form hump....
Add hackle one at a time.... Tie off whip finish not leaving any hackle in head...Very Clean looking

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