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Fly Patterns with tag Bucktail

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Jointed Esox Slider
tied by: lfdmedic421

Flatwing Yellow Eagle
tied by: Frank G. Swarner III

Monro's Killer
tied by: thegreatscout

Last Ghost
tied by: john adams

Quick Silver
tied by: birdy_34

Thunder Creek Rainbow Trout
tied by: sukhoidave

tied by: SDHflyfisher

Embden Fancy
tied by: darrenmaceachern

Roem #1
tied by: Duane Vigue

Hair Brain
tied by: FrenchCreek

Vigs Mimi
tied by: Duane Vigue

Daredevle Grocery
tied by: Dble Haul

tied by: Brk Trt

For Aspius Fly
tied by: Artur

Pink & White Clouser
tied by: Jon Boy

McKay Hooker
tied by: Duane Vigue

Little Brown Trout
tied by: trout traveler

tied by: octopusshrimp

Striper Fly
tied by: davidstrout

Hunchback Perch
tied by: tbhflytyer415

The Yellow Dart
tied by: Dart

simple pike streamer
tied by: pikeie

(Stevens) Will Ketch
tied by: peter.simonson

Green Highlander Variation #3
tied by: Duane Vigue

Carrie's Favorite (Stevens)
tied by: peter.simonson

Dremel Popper
tied by: CoachBob

tied by: Mark Vickers

tied by: joelst

yellow butt hairwing
tied by: chrisfish

"Sandy River"
tied by: Brk Trt

The Hawk
tied by: bobfly

DDragon (tube)
tied by: JeremyH
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