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Fly Patterns with tag Bucktail

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Orange Parson Squidsicle
tied by: Mark Gustavson

Brads Brat variation
tied by: Joe Hard

Blueback Streamer
tied by: Brk Trt

Purple Ghost
tied by: Joe Hard

Carrie's Favorite (Stevens)
tied by: peter.simonson

Sammi's Witch
tied by: Joe Hard

Fools Gold
tied by: floydiology

The Boss' Bunny
tied by: Old Hat

Pink Wonder, Junior
tied by: Steve S

"Sandy River"
tied by: Brk Trt

Red Bucktail Streamer (Version 1)
tied by: letumgo

Flatwing Green Highlander
tied by: Frank G. Swarner III

Albino Ghost
tied by: troutingintas

Sailor's Delight
tied by: birdy_34

Crippled Clouser Minnow
tied by: siestafred

Yellow & Black Variation (Hairwing Streamer)
tied by: letumgo

Keys style pike fly
tied by: Dble Haul

tied by: Brk Trt

Green Beauty (Stevens)
tied by: peter.simonson

Rhodie Popper
tied by: goldsmice

tied by: Jon Boy

Alien Mangrove Bunny
tied by: Cully

Purple Tyde
tied by: joelst

(Stevens) Red Devil
tied by: peter.simonson

Fish skull emerald
tied by: Blackriverbowyer

Bogong Beauty
tied by: bobfly

Crazy Crawdad
tied by: bassgitter74

Moosehead Smelt - Summer
tied by: joelst

Herl Body Hairwing
tied by: OLB

Monro's Killer
tied by: thegreatscout

Allie's Favorite
tied by: peter.simonson

pearch fly
tied by: pikeie
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