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Fly Patterns with tag KILLER

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Hunter Killer
tied by: lanvaettir

killer gills
tied by: feathers

Toro Killer (Pike fly)
tied by: uffepuffe

Munro Killer
tied by: arska

Celtic Killer
tied by: Ethan

Munro killer
tied by: Mixon

Killer Bug
tied by: cornmuse

killer flash
tied by: E. Oregon Midge

San Juan Carp Killer
tied by: jklipton

Copper Killer
tied by: jw_sartini

F.Sawyer's Killer Bug
tied by: john adams

Killer nymph
tied by: Flytyer14

Copper Killer
tied by: CharlieD

Killer Royal Coachman
tied by: Gilly

Munroe Killer
tied by: Joe Hard

The Killer
tied by: Jens Lund Adamsen

Congo Bass Killer
tied by: Dave

Funky Gold Rivanna
tied by: jschmidt63

Jon Boy's Killer (variation of Mrs. Simpson streamer)
tied by: letumgo

The Munro Killer Salmon V. III
tied by: Artur

Wooly killer
tied by: Ivanbogda

bass killer

Crappie Killer
tied by: cornmuse

Monro Killer Spey
tied by: CharlieD

Killer Wiskers
tied by: CharlieD

Brown Winged Killer
tied by: scottishtrout

Joe Killer
tied by: Isonychia

Kelly's Killer
tied by: Robert_S

Munro Killer Tube
tied by: Mixon

Hallock's Killer
tied by: flykid

Walker's Killer
tied by: Mice

Red Tag Killer
tied by: Mice
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