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Fly Patterns with tag Saddle

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Half and Half variation
tied by: Joe Hard

Chauncy Lively Parachutes with Ogden Wings
tied by: FlySlinger

Green Lantern
tied by: GTSE

Rabbit Wool Head
tied by: Second

Christmas Fly
tied by: Steelheader69

tied by: Isonychia

"One Fine Day"
tied by: Brk Trt

Grizzly King Strip Leech
tied by: Joe Hard

tied by: Fly Tyer Guy

Left Over Shrimp
tied by: Blueman89

Cherry Daddie
tied by: pacres

A Brookie's Fancy
tied by: Brk Trt

Olive Grizzly Bass Seaducer
tied by: Jim Hester in MD

tied by: Brk Trt

tied by: Mark Gustavson

tied by: Brk Trt

Kori Ferguson
tied by: Isonychia

Black Ghost
tied by: hojnacki

Stoned Fly
tied by: fishyfranky

blue dun
tied by: chrisfish

tied by: andrisav3

"Orvis Whore", 6 pack
tied by: Joe Hard

Bug eye dragonfly
tied by: bowlover

Cotinga Cayanna
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Parmachene Beau
tied by: Isonychia

Rabbit Strip Helgrammite
tied by: SmallieHunter

"Joseph Alden"
tied by: Brk Trt

Flatwing Yellow Eagle
tied by: Frank G. Swarner III

Tom Nixon's Black Gnat Bass
tied by: WetMaster

Highland Dream
tied by: WaterWolf

Orange Jailhouse Comet
tied by: cruncher

No Regrets
tied by: Fly1
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