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Fly Patterns with tag Saddle

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tied by: andrisav3

Eurasian Fusion
tied by: WaterWolf

Foam Caterpillar
tied by: siestafred

Carson Streamer
tied by: pacres

tied by: Isonychia

tied by: J Desjardins

tied by: Isonychia

Flatwing Green Highlander
tied by: Frank G. Swarner III

Gray and Blue tube
tied by: Mice

Kori Munro
tied by: Isonychia

Elk Hair Caddis
tied by: FishBoi

Montana Stone
tied by: Leaky Waders

The Wannabees a bunch of variants
tied by: bobfly

Mary Jane
tied by: Pelhament

Durham Ranger
tied by: Joe Hard

North Polish Streamer II
tied by: Artur

Feather Finger Mullet
tied by: chemprof2001

The Parmachene Beau
tied by: Isonychia

tied by: OSD

Woven Hydropsyche Larva
tied by: Janusz Panicz

Dunc's Special
tied by: streamertyer

The Glenn Beck (American Hero)
tied by: kentads

tied by: mcmutt

Grocery Fly
tied by: Shinnecock Fly

Colonel Bates
tied by: steeldrifter

Chieftain (Olive)
tied by: Hywel

The Blue Guinea
tied by: birdy_34

"Yellow Wing"
tied by: Brk Trt

Gordon 1/0
tied by: Isonychia

North Polish Streamer Group
tied by: Artur

Shadow Stalker
tied by: Frank G. Swarner III

Pea Jay
tied by: Isonychia
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