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Waypoints India Teaser

Crazy Carl Bunny Bonefish Fly

Glove Bug

The Ray Bergman Collection - 37) Blue Jay

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Wild 'Bout Brookies

Fly Patterns with tag bead

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tied by: dsaavedra

Rock Me Baby
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Sandy Claws
tied by: P. G. Beckett

tied by: Artur

Green Fairy
tied by: Firetiger

Big Ugly #165
tied by: JeremyH

Bead Wing Midge
tied by: willbradford

Crappie Fly
tied by:

Merkin Crab
tied by: siestafred

bead head
tied by: troutkiller08

Red Butt Peacock Soft Hackle
tied by: mudboots

Louisiana Red
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Jacklins Green Rock Worm
tied by: flytire

tied by: magayanes-2

glass bead nymph
tied by: pacres

The Cuecumber Swirl
tied by: willowhead

Midnight Stone
tied by: Wellman

Aggravator Prince
tied by: swinks1966

Cassed caddis I
tied by: avelino

Sherbet Bugger
tied by: letumgo

A Prince with Amensia
tied by: Steelie Junkie

'boo tube
tied by: mlwebb

African Pig Skin
tied by: willowhead

Dirk's Fish Xtractor
tied by: kayakflyfisher

Sex Beads
tied by: tie1on

Drakes Wounded Minnow
tied by: flyguy638

Hot Head Estaz
tied by: justinl8688

Muir Lake Bugger
tied by: pacres

Wooly Caddis
tied by: fly_fischa

tied by: willowhead

Duster Shiner
tied by: Joe Hard

Gun Metal Bead Nymph - Nymphe
tied by: DLamy
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