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Fly Patterns with tag bead

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Hot-Spot PT Nymph
tied by: Big E

Sweet Dorthea
tied by: FlySlinger

Steelhead nymph 1
tied by: Joe Hard

Pheasant Tail
tied by: ifishallday

Crane Fly
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Cmo March Brown Bugger
tied by: cmo

Golden Gum Drop
tied by: willowhead

Glass bead head nymph
tied by: Graham

Clam fly
tied by: muskymags

Copper Carp
tied by: The_Carp_Hunter

Little Trigger Baetis
tied by: willbradford

tied by: deeky

King Fry
tied by: wdeloria

DDH Leeches
tied by: Wellman

foam hopper
tied by: Joe Hard

Caddis Emerger
tied by: jaaf

Black Ice
tied by: Big E

TH Hare's Ear (wet)
tied by: Shoe

Mr. Nasty
tied by: Curtis Fry

pinky midge
tied by: flyboyutah

Jiggy Fly
tied by: navigator36

Daryns cray
tied by: Joe Hard

Marabou Minnow
tied by: Flytyer14

Electric Stone
tied by: Second

Ballsy Bugger
tied by: fishyfranky

Goggle Eye
tied by: muskymags

My First Bead Fly
tied by: Fly Tyer Guy

Mercury Black Beauty
tied by: willbradford

tied by: day5

Double Bead Black Nymph
tied by: fishingbobnelson

Futzer's Blue Damsel Adult
tied by: Futzer

Olive Rojo
tied by: OSD
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