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peeking caddis
tied by: purolohi kalastaja

Glass Caddis Larva
tied by: john adams

Bo Carter
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Metal Detector
tied by: Pelhament

BigE Depth Charge
tied by: Big E

tied by: Ronn Lucas

Maribou articulated Leech
tied by: aufevermike

The Abomination
tied by: Chalk

The Scud-inator
tied by: trouthound

Caddis emerger
tied by: avelino

tied by: magayanes-2

Crossover Emerger
tied by: siestafred

October Caddis
tied by: wickedcarpenter

Attractor Stone
tied by: mudboots

Royal Grizzly.....
tied by: willowhead

Green Tung Midge
tied by: smallflies

Ause Possie Bugger
tied by: mickalo

Razor Stone
tied by: wickedcarpenter

Copper Triplets
tied by: john adams

Bobby Blue Bland
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Wiggle Hex
tied by: bgause1

tied by: Ronn Lucas

tied by: tatt

Ice Bugger
tied by: oxquo

Chenille Charlie -
tied by: Jimmy Aw

Super Nova
tied by: dafunk5446

Diggin Hex nymph
tied by: day5

Micro Mite
tied by: navigator36

CDC Hot Caddis
tied by: Redwings1

Mini 'Dad
tied by: mudboots

Coolaid Cocktail
tied by: willowhead

Soggy Beetle
tied by: Smokeytrout
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