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Orange Heron Intruder Fly

The Ray Bergman Collection - 56) Cahill

Scientific Angler Mastery Textured Titan line

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Hatches Theater- Gaspe Salmon and Montana Spring Creek

Calvin Shrimp Intruder by Stuart Foxall

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North Polish Nymph II
tied by: Artur

Articulated sparkle bunny cougar
tied by: trout traveler

Red Fox Squirrel Nymph
tied by: wrphillips

BH Bloodmidge Larva/Pupa
tied by: siestafred

Lilac Angel
tied by: Bud Guidry

tied by: Ronn Lucas

CP's Caddis Larva
tied by: carlp5351

Dirk's Fish Xtractor
tied by: kayakflyfisher

Yellow Beadhead Pheasant Tail
tied by: flygirl

BH Antifreeze
tied by: Shoe

Blueberry snowcone midge
tied by: hampe998

Altmar Specials (Woolly Bugger)
tied by: letumgo

Memphis Slim
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Two-Tone Nymph
tied by: Old Hat

The Scud-inator
tied by: trouthound

steel stone
tied by: Blackriverbowyer

Chain Gang (nameless) streamer
tied by: djmyers

wiggle hex
tied by: tatt

Coho Blue
tied by: B.C.TroutHunter

mini craw
tied by: wdh21

Swamp monster
tied by: Ridderbos3

Caddis nymph
tied by: marius.girju

Finn Pike Streamer
tied by: mdraft1

King Craw-ng (Super Tube Fly)
tied by: J.Z

Black Hellgramite nymph
tied by: Joe Hard

Red Devil midge
tied by: Futzer

copper camo john
tied by: VERN-O

Bead Belly Zonker
tied by: GlobalFisher

tied by: scotfly

GPS Stonefly
tied by: gregfred

"X File" Super Easy Panfish fly
tied by: JSzymczyk

October Caddis
tied by: wickedcarpenter
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