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Fly Patterns with tag bead

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Nasty Jr.
tied by: Curtis Fry

Foxy Minnow
tied by: dsaavedra

Marabou Damsel
tied by: Wellman

Paper Moon
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Pink & Gold Shad Fly
tied by: tidewaterfly

tied by: willowhead

martins craw
tied by: pikeie

Blue Spike
tied by: muskymags

My first bead fly
tied by: J.Z

All Purpose Nymph - Variation
tied by: willbradford

Lake scud
tied by: day5

Humpback Warrior
tied by: flytire

tied by: knix

Dutchess Of Oregon
tied by: Bud Guidry

Rogue River Nymph
tied by: fishingbobnelson

Sunbeam Seducer
tied by: snboggs

TH Prince
tied by: Shoe

BH Flashback Phesant Tail
tied by: FishyboY

Pregnant Scud
tied by: Alex C.

Green Dragonfly
tied by: rich5665

Kyle's Bead Fly
tied by: Kyle Hand

Bitch Freak
tied by:

LE Suede Sililegs Dragon
tied by: flytyerman

tied by: willowhead

Nitro Bugger
tied by: Fly1

Sac Fry
tied by: muskymags

Stony Craw
tied by: stony

Gas Caddis
tied by: FlySlinger

Ester Philips
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Otter's Eye
tied by: steely34

Big Ugly #165
tied by: JeremyH

chartruese and red bh
tied by: tatt
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