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C & C Blueberry Midge
tied by: Chad Trout

Glass Bead Damsel Nymph
tied by: Pujic

Gormanz Bead Head Egg
tied by: Kodiak Commando

Red & Black Buzzer
tied by: gbevers

tied by: Ronn Lucas

Deep sparkle caddis pupa
tied by: konstantin

tied by: willowhead

tied by: cencalfly

Pheasant tail mayfly nymph
tied by: Radoslav Kiskinov

Red Headed Step Child
tied by: floydiology

Goggle Eye
tied by: muskymags

US Navy
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Czech Nymph
tied by: avril4

Blue Pearl
tied by: willowhead

Heavy Mallard
tied by: dwiltshire

San Juan Worm dressed for supper
tied by: Davy

Stony Craw
tied by: stony

Walking Crayfish
tied by: P. G. Beckett

Catfish Keith
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Goh's articulated baby brown
tied by: goh

OBD Soft Hackle (Olive Bead Double)
tied by: jdavis

Mercury Black Beauty
tied by: willbradford

Pee Wee Crayton
tied by: Ronn Lucas

tied by: wickedcarpenter

Emerald Nymph
tied by: bgause1

TDC Midge
tied by: [email protected]

San Juan Carp Killer
tied by: jklipton

Glass Caddis Larva
tied by: john adams

B. B. King
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Simple Green Tandem Streamer
tied by: letumgo

Swimming Crab Apple
tied by: striblue

Otter's Eye
tied by: steely34
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