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Fly Patterns with tag bead

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bleeding minnow
tied by: sniksoh

Waffle Cone
tied by: Pelhament

Hairs Ear Nymph Kinda
tied by:

Sultry Shiner
tied by: vegastyer

tied by: Artur

tied by: J Desjardins

Flats Fodder
tied by: striblue

DDH Minnow
tied by: flyfisheranonymous

Chartreuse T&A Bunker variation
tied by: Joe Hard

Super Swimmer
tied by: deeky

Scumline House Fly
tied by: Redwings1

Rubber Leg Copper John
tied by: avril4

Mayflies Latex
tied by: Second

tied by: Hillbilly

Tiny Miracle
tied by: TotallyFlyTying

Agent Orange
tied by: Pelhament

Yellow Stonefly Nymph
tied by: flyguy5910

Stony's Egg Sucking Bugger
tied by: stony

bead headed foam bugger
tied by: wdh21

Pride of Dublin
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Bostic Double Weight Midge
tied by: boomfly1

Bubblegum Swinger (Cotter Pin Fly)
tied by: letumgo

tied by: striblue

house fly
tied by: tatt

tied by: magayanes-2

Kahuna Nymph
tied by: siestafred

tied by: duckydoty

Busy Bugger
tied by: PipesDaddy

Slumpbuster Steelhead V.
tied by: Old Hat

Yellow Rattlesnake
tied by: hexfli

CP's Caddis Larva
tied by: carlp5351

Ruff Nymphs
tied by: dwiltshire
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