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Quill Baetis Nymph- Lucian Vasies

Payczech Nymph- by Outsmarting Fish

CDC & Elk

Dead Drift Crayfish- by GSF fly tying

Ray Bergman Collection - 128) Golden Duke

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Electric Chicken Shad Fly
tied by: tidewaterfly

Surrogate Leach
tied by: OLB

Gold Nugget
tied by: sandflyx

Sunbeam Seducer
tied by: snboggs

Ben's Copper
tied by: striblue

red fox squirrel nymph
tied by: bad fish rising

Bubble Boy
tied by: fishingbobnelson

tied by: Carlos Marti

tied by: Ronn Lucas

Baetis Biot Nymph
tied by: boynabubble

Raising the Barr! Improved Copper John
tied by: fishermansfly

Flint's Rubber Ducky
tied by: striblue

My Caddis Case
tied by: john adams

MB Woven Nymph
tied by: Janusz Panicz

Pregnant Scud
tied by: Alex C.

Crane Fly
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Junk Yard Dog
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Little Pheasant Beadhead
tied by: shepherdsong

Yellow Prawny
tied by: Jimmy Aw

Beady-Eyed Damsel Nymph
tied by: Cyprinid Carpio

SRS-Devils Staircase
tied by: octopusshrimp

Steelhead Bugger
tied by: sage8wt

MR Juvie
tied by: Redwings1

Ken's Copperhead
tied by: BruceDGreen

Red Rojo Midge
tied by: Big E

Glass bead head nymph
tied by: Graham

tied by: lykos33

BH Zebra Midge
tied by:

Jointed Bluegill
tied by: Joe Hard

Itsy bitsy weave
tied by: duckydoty

Black Stonefly
tied by: parlltwin

tied by: willowhead
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