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How to Tie an Easy Zonker Fly Pattern

Patterns 164-173

The Bunny Bugger- by Norm Norlander

The Ray Bergman Collection - 88) Denison

Show us your Bench- #2

Montana Stories: Jenny Grossenbacher

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My Caddis Case
tied by: john adams

Otter's Eye
tied by: steely34

Galway's Grannom
tied by: cussfly16

Crazy (Nasty) Charlie
tied by: striblue

Junk Yard Dog
tied by: Ronn Lucas

tied by: jschmidt63

tied by: B.C.TroutHunter

Disco Worms
tied by: Joe Hard

Beady-Eyed Damsel Nymph
tied by: Cyprinid Carpio

Red nymph
tied by: Ivanbogda

Chartruese Clouser
tied by: bassgitter74

Ken's Copperhead
tied by: BruceDGreen

Black Caddis Emerger
tied by: siestafred

Dargonfly Nymph first one
tied by: Joe Hard

Simple Stone
tied by: siestafred

tied by: lykos33

Matt's Scorpion
tied by: kirkdiet

Chum Bug
tied by: Steelheader69

Black Stonefly
tied by: parlltwin

Golden Wonder
tied by: professori

Johnís Special
tied by: Ronn Lucas

mysis GL
tied by: day5

Versace Gold Nymph
tied by: jaaf

Red Rib Wonder
tied by: richyrichtherich

Deer Hair Nymph
tied by: fishyfranky

Leggy Stone
tied by: bgause1

Eggi Juan Kenobi
tied by: trevally

zinn's bug
tied by: john wolfe

tied by: Joe Hard

Articulated Rattlesnake
tied by: martice

Nite & Day
tied by: martice

N2 Adult Damsel
tied by: Pujic
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