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Fly Patterns with tag bead

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Blueberry snowcone midge
tied by: hampe998

Otis Rush
tied by: Ronn Lucas

'boo tube
tied by: mlwebb

Kid Lopez
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Charlie Weave
tied by: kirkdiet

tied by: professori

tied by: flyingbones76

Articulated Jig Pheasant
tied by: john wolfe

tied by: bassturd

Cystal Bead Boatmen
tied by: Wellman

The Magic Bullet
tied by: deeky

The Big Ugly
tied by: mudboots

Royal maribou streamer
tied by: john wolfe

Rodo's caddis
tied by: Radoslav Kiskinov

Sandy Claws
tied by: P. G. Beckett

tied by: wickedcarpenter

Jacklins Green Rock Worm
tied by: flytire

If I ever get it right
tied by: Ronn Lucas

buggy nymph
tied by: wdh21

tied by: Ronn Lucas

Green(rain)bow Warrior
tied by: gregfred

Amber Glass Pupa
tied by: john adams

Crazy (Nasty) Charlie
tied by: striblue

Inverted Crayfish (simple)
tied by: FishyboY

Golden Eye Flymph
tied by: VERN-O

Seatrout Bugs (Magnus variant)
tied by: hauki

Johnís Special
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Twenty Incher Nymph
tied by: mudboots

North Polish Nymph II
tied by: Artur

N2 Adult Damsel
tied by: Pujic

Sucker Punch Stone
tied by: Pelhament

Estaz Stone
tied by: wickedcarpenter
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