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Fly Patterns with tag bead

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Red Midge #1
tied by: carlp5351

Flashback Bead Bugger
tied by: deeky

Bonefish Bitters
tied by: Swe-Classics

Mini comet
tied by: octopusshrimp

Crystal Scud
tied by: navigator36

tied by: fishyfranky

Chain Gang Matukas
tied by: djmyers

tied by: sniksoh

Irresistible Damsel
tied by: Rune Andre Stokkebekk

warmwater minnow
tied by: sniksoh

Bug eye dragonfly
tied by: bowlover

Buddy Guy
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Chain Gang Pheasant Tail
tied by: djmyers

NH Heptagenia Nymph
tied by: flytyerman

Greg's hex
tied by: Steelie Junkie

White Killer v.
tied by: john adams

Koz's EZ Caddis
tied by: briankoz

Crystal Woolly Bugger
tied by: WilliamWismer

tied by: Ronn Lucas

SRS- Good Time Any Time Girl
tied by: octopusshrimp

Gibby's Bead-Eye Bluegill Fly
tied by: SteveGibson

Coffey's Sparkleminnow
tied by: fishinwrench

Chain Gang Egg
tied by: djmyers

Beaded Caddis (gold and black)
tied by: madkasel

Caddis nymph
tied by: marius.girju

Super Wasp
tied by: 48barney

Olive woolly bugger
tied by: horseshoe

Catfish Blues
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Copper Blonde
tied by: martice

The Boss' Bunny
tied by: Old Hat

Kalamazoo Wiggler
tied by: Fishigan

Bunny Shrimp
tied by: spider4
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