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Fly Patterns with tag bead

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Soft hackle caddis
tied by: Blackriverbowyer

TIMS softhackle
tied by: JarrodRuggles

The Micro Minnow
tied by: navigator36

B. B. King
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Sloppy Seconds
tied by: bullship

Stonenymph - black
tied by: Redwings1

Dr. Taylor Special
tied by: striblue

Arctic Dragon
tied by: Jaydub

tied by: magayanes-2

Red Haze
tied by: Roby

White-Glow Wideside
tied by: chemprof2001

Czech Nymph
tied by: avril4

North Polish Nymph III
tied by: Artur

Glass Bead Damsel Nymph
tied by: Pujic

B.O. Orange Nymph
tied by: Bogi

Altmar Specials (Woolly Bugger)
tied by: letumgo

EP Shiner Clouser
tied by: buckeyebrewer

Catfish Keith
tied by: Ronn Lucas

crappie yellow and black
tied by: wdh21

Bodog's Bigdog
tied by: Flytier11

Bostic Beadhead Hopper
tied by: boomfly1

Dohiku John
tied by: Chad Trout

Dr. Taylor Special
tied by: striblue

Little baitfish
tied by: Flytyer14

T&A Bunker Varation
tied by: Joe Hard

Dron Mice Fly
tied by: dronlee

Copper John
tied by: siestafred

Moblie Jig
tied by: john adams

Marabou Damsel
tied by: jdavis

hot bead egg
tied by: flytierwon

Coal Bucket
tied by: sandflyx

Bead-Cased Caddis (DW)
tied by: dwiltshire
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