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Mercury Black Beauty
tied by: willbradford

tied by: day5

Carp Assassin
tied by: jklipton

Emerald Nymph
tied by: bgause1

Pond critter
tied by: fishinwrench

Twenty Incher Nymph
tied by: mudboots

Mega Prince
tied by: Pelhament

Glass Caddis Larva
tied by: john adams

Bo Carter
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Futzer's Extended body Damsel nymph
tied by: Futzer

Olive Rojo
tied by: OSD

Movin & Groovin Bucktail
tied by: djmyers

Glitter Nymphs
tied by: dwiltshire

Rhyacophila glass
tied by: avelino

Articulated sparkle bunny cougar
tied by: trout traveler

Fushia Steelhead Disco Bunny
tied by: Joe Hard

Metal Detector
tied by: Pelhament

Lilac Angel
tied by: Bud Guidry

tied by: octopusshrimp

Woolly Ghost
tied by: Old Hat

Chromie Brassie
tied by: Wellman

Sparkle Scud
tied by: Dble Haul

dons glass egg
tied by: atroutbum2

Wooly Caddis
tied by: fly_fischa

Montana Prince
tied by: swinks1966

The Abomination
tied by: Chalk

Bloody Leech
tied by: Jaydub

rubber legged thing
tied by: J Desjardins

Heavy METAL!
tied by: Voodoo

BH rubber leg hares ear
tied by: Riverfloat

Blue woolly bugger
tied by: horseshoe

tied by: Ronn Lucas
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