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Fly Patterns with tag leech

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tied by: cornmuse

bunny leech
tied by: ted

Leech woolly bugger
tied by: horseshoe

Sucking Leech Pl. 1
tied by: Artur

grey strip leeche
tied by: duckydoty

DDH Leech
tied by: flyfisher anonymous

zonker leech
tied by: skier266

Leech Pl. 4
tied by: Artur

Marabou Leech
tied by: Joe Hard

Spectrum Leech
tied by: letumgo

Chartreuse and Fuschia Leech
tied by: tbhflytyer415

leech wobbler
tied by: kidtyer

Pink Bunny Leech Snake
tied by: Steelheader69

tied by: OLB

Rabbit Leech
tied by: jdavis

Purple Bugger
tied by: Mice

Tungsten Leech - Wolly Bugger Variant
tied by: Sendenca

Lead eye Leech-weedless
tied by: bassgitter74

Bleeding Leech Soft Hackle
tied by: deeky

Black Flash Leech
tied by: navigator36

Mohair Leech
tied by: Old Hat

steelhead leeches
tied by: abbra

DSV 'Bou Leech
tied by: dsaavedra

Little Tuffy Micro Leech
tied by: navigator36

Bloody Monster
tied by: Wellman

Red and Yellow Rhea Conehead leech
tied by: Joe Hard

Flatwing Leech
tied by: letumgo

mohair leech
tied by: bowlover

Leech Pl. 3
tied by: Artur

Foxee Bastard
tied by: Redwings1

pheasant rump leech
tied by: coulee fishing

Olive Bunny Leech (Weedless)
tied by: tbhflytyer415
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