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Fly Patterns with tag olive

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the wookie
tied by: Esoxfeind

Little Olive Mayfly Verison #2
tied by: carlp5351

Sage8wt's Stone
tied by: steelie

Hidropsyche Nymph
tied by: Bogi

The Owenmore (Francis)
tied by: WaterWolf

Wilson's Sparkle Caddis
tied by: Pujic

Fishable Stonefly
tied by: BigDaddyHub

Ice ice perch
tied by: day5

Self split wing
tied by: Sigve

Black and Yellow diver
tied by: Flytyerboy95

Tripple Bunker
tied by: Joe Hard

JC's Froggie Gurgler
tied by: jobina

Marilyn's Flash
tied by: martice

Terry's Dragonfly
tied by: ArkieFlyGuy

tied by: scotfly

peeking caddis
tied by: purolohi kalastaja

Olive Grizzly Bass Seaducer
tied by: Jim Hester in MD

Lake Erie Goby
tied by: Blackriverbowyer

Scud (Amphipoda)
tied by: mihostanev

Killer Caddis
tied by: vegastyer

Mayfly Kripple
tied by: drkorn

Dark Highlander (McPhail)
tied by: Peaty Mann

PK's Ephemerella Nymph
tied by: troutdogg

Black Hen
tied by: RexHunt

Scott's Prawn
tied by: Hywel

Manila Fly
tied by: RexHunt

Humps Cress Bug
tied by: dsaavedra

Yellow Perch Flat Wing
tied by: martice

Firey Caddis Pupa
tied by: dwiltshire

Olive Eyed Educator
tied by: Joe Hard

Goldfish (Carassius carassius)
tied by: avelino

Tequila Sunbass
tied by: jaaf
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